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MOOIMOM, comes from the word 'Mooi' (Dutch), which means beautiful. Mooimom was formed in 2015, by a young designer named Carolyn. As a mother of 3 children, Carolyn often has difficulty in finding quality products for pregnant and lactating mothers. The products of pregnant and nursing mothers on the market usually have a costly price or poor quality.

This encourages Carolyn to develop pregnancy and nursing products herself, with the best quality but at affordable prices. Armed with all the experiences and various observations he made, Carolyn finally founded MOOIMOM.

MOOIMOM is developing rapidly. Until now, MOOIMOM products have included postpartum bras, maternity belts and corsets, and will continue to develop quality new products.

MOOIMOM provides comfort for every pregnant woman, convenience for all nursing mothers, as well as restoring the confidence of postpartum mothers, MOOIMOM provides the best, for mothers and baby.


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